10/23/2015 - Double XP Weekend! This weekend will be double XP starting Friday, 10/23 at 12PM ET until Monday, 10/26 at oAM ET!
5/6/2015 - #PirateWars and #SpaceWars HUGE updates and content expansions have been officially announced! Keep up with the latest on our social media as we will be detailing all of the specifics over the next few months! We'd love to hear your feedback! @crazypiratesoft on Twitter Crazy Pirate Software on Facebook Crazy Pirate Software on Google+
3/17/2015 - Something is coming. Pay close attention to our twitter and facebook feeds for the next couple months! Can you figure it out??
12/11/2014 - Crazy Dice is now available on all Android devices!!! Get it here!! (iPhone and windows phone versions coming soon!)
10/7/2014 - Mark your calendars. Crazy Dice public beta starts November 1! We'd love for you to help us test! More details soon. #CrazyDice #BetaIsComing

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Space Wars is available on all Android devices*, Apple iPhone/iPod Touch, Windows 7 devices, and Facebook NOW!

Pirate Wars is available on all Android devices* and Apple iPhone/iPod Touch NOW! Windows 7 and Facebook versions coming soon!

If you haven't linked your Pirate Wars or Space Wars app to your CrazyPirate account yet, here's why you should!
  • If your phone gets lost or broken, you'll be able to recover your profiles easily!
  • You will be able to access your linked profiles right here from the games section!
  • You will be able to access all of your Dubloons or Tokens from any of your profiles!
A special thanks to all our Beta testers for all of your help!

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